Welcome to my new blog! :)

I just thought it might be a good idea to introduce this blog and explain what I hope to achieve by running it. It’s quite simple really. I am just one of an estimated 1.6 million Eating Disorder sufferers in the United Kingdom. The literature on this is quite sparse, given that Eating Disorders (or ED’s) are secretive illnesses, and many go undetected and untreated.

The aim of this blog is to take common misconceptions and popular ignorant statements surrounding ED’s, and offer evidence to the contrary through facts, figures, and my own personal experiences as well.

I’ve been getting increasingly irritated at the total lack of knowledge that people seem to have about ED’s, and it’s this lack of knowledge that leads to harmful, derogatory and upsetting comments and assumptions. I believe sources in the media often focus entirely on the wrong things when reporting anything to do with ED’s, and it’s that that I think plays a huge part in how the wider public tend to react, think and feel about those who have eating disorders. Now, I really don’t want to insult anyone’s intelligence through running this blog, and when I use terms such as “ignorant” – it’s not out of spite. I purely mean it in the sense of being “misinformed” or “uneducated” about ED’s.

I just really hope that this blog can – at the very least – teach one single person,  one single thing that they didn’t already know about eating disorder. That to me will be a total victory.

Also – whilst I’ll be touching upon my own thoughts, feelings and experiences through what I write, I will make a conscious effort not to include anything that is triggering or upsetting. If I think that any of the post might trigger or upset anyone, I will make it a read more and insert the abbreviation “TW (Trigger Warning)” In the title of the post. Hopefully that won’t be necessary though!

I’m not sure what else to write by way of an introduction – other than: I really hope that this blog will be of some use or interest to you. I don’t want to offend or insult. I only want to educate and inform. Oh, and sorry for coming across terribly formally. I thought that using a “formal” tone would perhaps seem a little more appropriate given that I’ll probably be dealing with numbers, facts, figures and serious topics. I didn’t think that using terms like “OMG, LOL” would really work here…

I must also apologise for how the blog is looking so far. I will make it prettier in due course!

I’d also like to mention that your feedback would be much appreciated! Please feel free to contact me on Facebook, or leave a comment below on what you think and leave any suggestions of specific things you’d perhaps like to see mentioned in future posts! What I’ll also do is: I’ll do a poll every now and then, featuring potential “myth topics” and I’ll get you to vote on which one you’d like to see have it’s own post next time. I’ll start by leaving a poll now, so that I can get round to writing up a post that you’d like to see within the next few days! So if you’d be so kind as to vote, I’d be really grateful! Thank you!

Anyway, thank you for reading, and enjoy your stay!



2 thoughts on “Welcome to my new blog! :)

  1. Congrats on starting your Blog Lucy , I look forward to reading your information , thoughts & your own personal experience . Love H x

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